Mailing Lists / Newsgroups / Forums

The Pipmak mailing lists are the primary means of getting in contact to other Pipmak users and to Pipmak's developers. There are two lists with different topics:

  • The Pipmak-Users list is for discussion of making games using Pipmak. Post questions regarding Pipmak's behavior, documentation, Lua scripting in Pipmak etc. here. This is also the place for bug reports and feature requests, unless you plan to fix/implement them yourself, in which case the Pipmak-Devel list would be more appropriate.
  • On the Pipmak-Devel list, development of Pipmak itself is discussed. Questions regarding Pipmak's source code, compiling it, etc. as well as patch contributions go here.

Three ways to access the Pipmak mailing lists:

Due to increasing spam volume, it was necessary to restrict posting on the lists to subscribers. If you're not subscribed, your posts will be held for moderation and may only appear on the list a few days later after manual review. Note that you can subscribe but turn off e-mail delivery if you prefer to read the list by other means.


To chat with Pipmak users and developers in real time, join channel #pipmak on port 6667. If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can also use freenode's web client.