Latest Release: Pipmak 0.2.7

Pipmak 0.2.7 for Mac OS X – 2.6 MB
Pipmak 0.2.7 for Windows – 1.8 MB
Pipmak 0.2.7 for Linux PPC – 1 MB
Pipmak 0.2.7 for Linux x86 – 1 MB
Pipmak 0.2.7 source code – 736 KB

Demo Project for Pipmak 0.2.7 that demonstrates all of Pipmak's features – explore this to see what Pipmak is capable of, and examine its innards to see how it's done – 5.4 MB

Pipmak Castle by James Wilson – examine this to see how to make a simple explorable world – 13.1 MB

Development Version

To get the most recent Pipmak source code from the Subversion repository, install a Subversion client if you don't already have one and run

svn co

To get the latest demo project, run

svn co

You can also browse the Subversion repository on the web.