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An open-source cross-platform game engine and authoring environment, the Pipmak Game Engine enables you to create point-and-click adventure games in the style of the Myst series, including panoramic ones like Myst III: Exile.



Posted by Christian on 2009-05-17

New simple example project: Pipmak Castle

Have you ever considered using Pipmak for your own projects, but were overwhelmed by all the intricate details in the scripts of the Demo Project? Thanks to James Wilson, we now have an example project that shows how easy it is to make a simple explorable world. Download Pipmak Castle or look on the Showcase page for a small screenshot.

Posted by Christian on 2008-05-12

Pipmak 0.2.7 released

Pipmak 0.2.7 has landed, with an assortment of new features: Display of text on patches in arbitrary TrueType fonts, rotation and arbitrary 3D placement of patches, a new Lua command line panel and table inspector to make testing and debugging easier, less awkward handling of fullscreen resolutions, and more.

Download Pipmak for Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux as well as the updated demo project from the download page or read the detailed release notes here.

I do hope to return to a more frequent release schedule in the future!

Posted by Christian on 2007-01-03

Pipmak Wiki added

The Pipmak web site now includes a wiki! This is intended as a community-maintained repository of notes, hints, how-tos, answers to frequently asked questions, tutorials, Lua code snippets, and other articles related to Pipmak. It's still somewhat empty at the moment, but I hope it will grow into a useful resource over time. So, if you've got anything to share, any contributions are welcome!

Recent Development Activity

2013-12-30Always reload the project when opening a saved game to ensure we start from a clean state. In particular, sounds that were still playing were not properly stopped before.
2011-10-30Clarify that inter-node messaging is for simultaneously displayed nodes, by James Wilson.
2011-08-17Allow cube faces to be flipped so that the same image can be used for multiple faces in a symmetric environment.
2011-04-30Apparently escaping line breaks doesn't work when they're CRLFs (the project has been checked out on Windows).
2011-04-30Fix MSVC10 errors and warnings.

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